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Saturday, November 18, 2017

How To Fix "Session Expired" Error Message On OneDrive

The Session Expired error message you get while using OneDrive does not mean that your account is not OK, neither does it mean that your device is bad, it is just a technical issue. Almost all website that allow its users to create an account with them have this issue. So if you are getting this Session Expired error message on OneDrive, here is a way to easily fix it.

When the Session Expired error message appear, click on the Sign in button in the error message page, and you will be signed it back automatically or taken to the sign in page so that you can enter your login details.

If this did not solve the issue, then you will need to clear your OneDrive app cookies, and the mobile browser cache if it happened on your mobile device or the temporary internet files if its on desktop, then wait for 20 minutes before you make another attempt to signin.

This fix work on all the platform you can use to access OneDrive directly such as the OneDrive app, the Libby App and the OneDrive website for browser users.

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