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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Get Your New Blog Post Shared On Your Facebook Page Automatically

For long, I have wanted to have my new blog post shared to my Facebook Fan Page automatically, but could not find an easy way to do it. It is just today I discover how easy I can do this with just two tools, which are Feedburner and IFTT.

So if you want to start sharing your new blog post to your Facebook page automatically, then follow the steps outline below.

  1. Integrate Feedburner service into your blog.
  2. Next sign up with IFTTT
  3. Once step 2 is completed, sign into your IFTTT account and go to the Search section, and search of "Post RSS Feed Item to Facebook"
  4. In the result page, scroll down to the applets section. In this section you will see many applets that will perform this task for you, but the one I am using is the applets created by checkeredmichael. You can click >>> HERE <<< to get it instead of searching for it.
  5. Once you have located it, just Turn it on and follow the on-screen instruction to connect your blog RSS feed and your Facebook page to it.
After this, you are good to go.

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