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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Facebook Want You To Be Comfortable Using Their Service

One thing that make people stop using a social media service is most time not the feature of the service provider, but the people one have to use the service with. Facebook understand this fact and that is why have put in place some feature that you help you deal with people and post in Facebook that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Here are some of those feature that are available at your disposal:

  1. If someone in Facebook is making you feel uncomfortable or upset, then Facebook provide you with the option to unfriend the person or even block the person.
    Know that you can block someone even if the person is not yet your Facebook friend.
  2. If you are uncomfortable with being tagged to a post, Facebook also gives you the ability to untag yourself from the post.
  3. If it is a post in your News Feed that is making you comfortable, your can hide it, and Facebook will make sure that you will never see that post again.
  4. If you feel a post does not deserve to be in Facebook and you are confident that post is against the Facebook Community Standard, then you have the option to report it to Facebook and the post after undergone a review from Facebook will be taken down provided it is against Facebook Community Standard.

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