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Monday, November 20, 2017

Facebook Have An Inbox You Might Not Be Aware Of

Have you ever receive a message from someone who is not your friend in Facebook? If yes, do you know that it is possible that not all message from those who are not your friend are showing in your chat? It is true.

Facebook delivers all message sent to you, whether the person sending you the message is a friend or not. But Facebook have a filter set-up for those message coming from someone who is not your Facebook.

So when filter feel the person sending you a message request, then their message will be sent your Facebook hidden inbox.
The Facebook Hidden Inbox is just like the spam folder of e-mail service provider.

Thus when you see an indicator telling you have an unread message but there is not chat you have not responded to, then it might be that their is a message in your Facebook Hidden Inbox.

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