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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Facebook 360 Photo or 360 Video | Which Should You Create?

Well it all depends on what you want to achieve with the 360 content and also how much you intend to invest it the production.

For example, if just want your audience to immerse themselves into a view, then a Facebook 360 Photo will be the best option. Whereas if you want audience to not just immerse themselves in viewing the scenery, but to also be able to hear the sounds and see the movement then 360 Video will be a better option.

But regardless of your intent for creating the Facebook 360 content, your money is also a key factor as to your decision, because you will be needing to either purchase or rent more hardware to create a 360 Video than what is required for creating 360 Photos.

Also your technicality is also another key. Creating a Facebook 360 Video is quite different from creating a Facebook 360 Photo and requires more technical skills from you.

The Main Point
Your intension for wanting to create a 360 content, your available money you are willing to invest in getting the necessary hardware and your technical skills are all key to your deciding whether creating a 360 Photo will be better to creating a 360 Video.

When you have decided, you can use the Oculus 360 Photos app for the creating of 360 Photos and the Cast app for 360 videos.

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