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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Double Your Mailing List Within Days | Sumo List Builder

As a blogger or business owner, the importance of having a mailing list cannot be overly emphasize, because they converts one-time visitors into lifelong readers and customers. But the problem is getting a visitor to agree to allow you add his email address to your mailing list. So what can be done about this?

Before I tell you how you can double your mailing list within days, I will like you to know this fact, most times, the reason why your mailing list is having a stunch growth is because your are not asking your visitors for their email address at the right time.
The appearance of the newsletter subscription box is also key to your mailing list growth.

Having these two issues fixed right is the key to your doubling your mailing list within days. And that is where Sumo List Builder comes in.

Sumo List Builder is a free to use service that allows you to fully customize your newsletter subscription box, for it allows you to fully customize the background/button color, text color, text font, and more so you can completely match subscription box to the design of your site.

More to that, Sumo List Builder is also mobile friendly. That is, it auto-adjust itself to fit to the width any mobile device, thus it will not be giving your visitors readability issues.

Also you get to choose the time when you want to subscription box to show, whether as a pop-up on site entry or when visitor have spent a certain amount of time on your site or as an exit pop-up like the image above shows.

Apart for the fact that it is free to use, the Sumo List Builder does not require that you have any coding knowledge previous, their drag and drop interface is cool and do you know what, it is fully integrated with popular newsletter delivery service such as Mailchimp, Emma, GetResponse, Inboxfirst and much more.

So tell me, utilizing a service like this, how will your mailing list not more than double within days.

To start using Sumo List Builder for free click >>> HERE <<<

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