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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Does The Uploader Of Something I Report To Facebook Get Notified?

The answer is NO. But sometimes the answer can be Yes at the same time. This is what I mean.
When you report something to Facebook, and after they have review it and feel that it is necessary to draw the uploader attention to it, then Yes, Facebook will tell the uploader of what you report that their content have been reported and...

But Facebook Privacy Policy have it that when Facebook is contacting the uploader of something that have been reported, then the reporter's name and other information will not be disclosed to the uploader.

One thing though that you need to know before you hit the report button is the fact that just because you do not like something does not mean that it goes against the Facebook Community Standard and Facebook Terms.

The Main Point
When you report something to Facebook, they might decide to contact the uploader of the item you report but they will never the uploader who make the report neither will they give them any information that can serve as a clue to fishing out the reporter.

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