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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Do These If You Want To Get Daily Traffic On Your Forum With Member Who Will Always Comment

Managing a Forum is quite different from managing a blog. Why because without valuable topics and following up on your members responds, your forum will die.

Value topics also is not only the key, writing the topics in a way that will compel your members to give in their thought is more valuable than the topic itself.
You can do this by linking your intended topic with other matters of high interest. For example, instead of saying, "Have you heard that Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid?" you can say, "Messi is sure to take Fifa Ballon d'or as Ronaldo leaves R. Madrid" in this way you are not only encourage a conversion based on Ronaldo, but only based on the success of Messi and the Fifa Ballon d'or will are on high interest, so you will have more people commenting and sharing their views.

After they have shared their views with a comment, it is up to your now to follow them up with a reply, because if they get to feel that nobody is listening to them in the forum, then they will be less incline to comment further or even to return to the forum.

Keep your argument flexible. Even if you have a point in what you are saying, it is not always a good ideal to be rigid with your ideals. Why? because if your members feel that no matter what they say, it will not make sense to you, then they will not be eager to start off with a comment. So give them a sense that they can buy you over even if what they are saying is totally out. So be flexible with your ideal and not be rigid.

There are many others things you can do to keep your forum alive and vibrant, but these three to me is of great start.

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