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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Buying 10KHits Traffic Points and Surfing For It | Which Is Better?

Before, I thought that surfing website in order to earn the traffic point of 10KHits is actually cheaper and better, but after my calculations, I found out that surfing is actually more expensive than buying traffic point. Let me give you the breakdown of my calculation.

Let us assume that I have upgraded my membership to the Business plan, and thus I earn 2 traffic point for every 10 seconds I spend on a website, that will be a total of 12 traffic point for every 1minutes.
There are 60 minutes in an hour, thus surfing for one hour will give me 720 traffic point (12x60=720). And if am to surf continually for the whole day which is 24 hours, it means I will be able to get 17,280 traffic point (720x24=17,280).

30 days makes a month, thus if I surfer without a break for one month, I will earn a total of 518,400 traffic points (17,280x30=518,400).
This traffic point is much right? For it is more than half a million traffic points!

But do you know that you can get 1million traffic points for just $68? and am sure that it will cost you more that $100 for you to buy an internet data that will be able to allow you surf new websites after ever maximum of 60 seconds non-stop for 30days.

So you see, buying a traffic points with 10KHits is more cost effective than surfing website in ordeto earn it.

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