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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Being A Novelist Is Cool

A Novelist is a writer. Not just any writer, but someone who writes novels. So do you love to write fictional stories or otherwise and you are considering if becoming a Novelist is really worth it? Then consider why I feel being a Novelist is a cool idea.

  • Doing What You Love:
    Being a writer is not easy, talk more of being a writer who writes about true life or fictional stories. So if you are able to put up a story together, then it means you have love for storytelling. And that is what being a Novelist will help you achieve.
  • Getting Paid For It:
    Maybe you have, but I really have not seen any novel that is free. So more than just enabling you to do what you love, being a Novelist also enable get paid for doing what you love to do -creating stories.
  • Entertaining Readers:
    The sole aim of storytelling is not for teaching a lesson, but also for entertainment. Novelic stories teach and educate in a fun and exciting way. Whether the story is real-life or fictional, it is always fund and exciting when reading a novel that is creatively written.
  • Fame:
    If your novels gets to interest readers more often, then you stand a good chance of being quite known by not just novel lovers, but also by schools, publishers, bloggers and more. So fame is lurking.
  • Freedom:
    The saying that famous people are the most busiest does not apply to being a Novelist. Because as a Novelist, you get to choose your who working time, and thus you create more time to explore other things and adventures which can also serves as an inspiration for your current or next novel.
  • Contentment:
    As I mentioned earlier, Novelist love what they do and that is why must of them cannot imagine doing any other thing as their life work rather than spending their time getting the stories off their head into the paper. And when they have finally completed the story, it is a source of great joy and contentment to all Novelist.
So you see, becoming a Novelist is a career that is worth your consideration.

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