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Sunday, November 5, 2017

An App That Makes You Pay For Not Reaching Your Workout Goal | Lazy Jar

I will like to introduce to you a workout app called Lazy Jar. This application is for both Android and IOS devices and they pay you when you reach your exercise workout goal and if you do not meet up with the goal, then you will be the one to pay. Did I hear you ask if truly they pay and make you pay for defaulting your workout goal?

If you did ask, then the answer is yes. But not literally. This is how the app works.

In order to use the app, you will need to will need an active Fitbit account, after you have downloaded the application from your device app store. Then you will need to set a workout goal that you intend to meet up with every week for 6 months. Theses workout goals include but not limited to:
  • 70,000 steps a week
  • 20,000 calories loss a week
  • 210 minutes of activity a week
  • 35 miles a week etc.
After you have set any of these goals, Lazy Jar will make you deposit $30 as a commitment fee to your workout goal, then it will require you to enter a certain amount you wish to pay as penalty when you do not meet up the goal, and also a reward when you meet up with the weekly goal.

Don't worry, your deposit if real, but the penalty and reward for not reaching or achieving your set out goal is not real. So you will get back your money after the 6 months of the workout period whether or not you achieve your weekly goal.
You will only loose your money if you do cancel the workout goal before the end of the 6 months.

The purpose of the Lazy Jar app is to serve as a motivation for you to workout regularly since you have deposit that you will for the up coming 6 months. So the $30 that Lazy Jar require that you deposit is just to guarantee that you have decided to workout for 6 months.

As mentioned earlier, if you quit your workout before the 6 month commitment is up, that is the only time you will lose your money. This money does not all go to Innovative Bit, Inc. the makers of Lazy Jar, 80% of the penalty for quitting before the 6 month commitment period will be donated to research childhood cancer while 20% will be used to keep the app running.

To get the app, click on the link below.
For Andriod

The video below is a visual intro to the application

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