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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Will Facebook Give Me Feedback When I Report Something To Them? | Support Inbox

Well it all depend on what you are reporting to them. For example, if you are reporting something about the functionality of their website or mobile apps, there are chances that you won't get a feedback on your report. Why?

To the best of my knowledge, what I can say is the reason is, someone else might have told Facebook about the issues and Facebook would have begun to work on a solution. Also Facebook have a bug bounty program, so there are hundreds if not thousands of professional fault finder that are monitoring Facebook for fault so that they will be the first to report it to Facebook and get a bounty reward from Facebook.

So it will be too much work on Facebook to give feedback to each and every person who make a report about the same issue while it has not yet been fixed.

On the other hand, if you are reporting Post, Photo, Links or Videos posted by other Facebook users, Facebook Community Safety team always provide feedback for such reports.
But if you are expecting the feedback to come as a mail or a message in your Facebook Chat section, then you are looking at the wrong place.

In to prevent impersonation, Facebook create a feature called Support Inbox which is available to all Facebook user. It is with this inbox (that is Support Inbox) that Facebook will use to give you the feedback on the Post, Photo, Links or Videos that report to them.
To learn how to check you Facebook Support Inbox, click >>> HERE <<<

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