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Saturday, October 28, 2017

There Is A Difference Between Background Apps And Minimized Apps

But the fact is, both of them are using your device ram and also your device battery even if you are not using them directly.
So what is the difference between a background app, and app that is running in the ram of the device.

Well, base on scope the difference is that, background apps are those applications that run automatically without you initiating it. That is, the app will be running on your device and you will not see it in your taskbar or task manager.

Have you not noticed that you don't have to launch your WhatsApp before it will notify you that you have a new message? Or have you not notice that even while on mobile data, your Google Play app will automatically download, update itself and sometimes other apps? These are just examples of what I mean by background apps.
But most times, these apps are what we cannot do without.

Minimized Apps on the other hand are application that you open by yourself, and you leave it open while you switch to using other apps.

As mentioned earlier, this two category impact negatively on your device's ram availability and also your battery. With regard to Background apps, there is good news. The good news is that, it is not the full app that is running in the background, it is just a part or process (as programs put it) of the app that is running.
But for apps that are minimized are actually the full apps process that is running, so they consume more ram space and battery of your device than background apps.

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