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Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Most Genuine Bitcoin Investment I Know

If you really want to invest in bitcoin then I will advice you to use Freebitcoin as your investment platform.

I am recommending them to you not just because I stand to gain when you start using them as my referral, but because they really do pay and I myself have been using them for almost a year now. To be precise, I start using them from Match 2017, and up till now, they have not defaulted in payout when ever I make a withdrawal request.

So what do you stand to gain if you invest in bitcoin using Freebitcoin?

Freebitcoin offers to pay you 4.08% compound interest on your bitcoin balance you have with them for a whole year.
This interests are paid out everyday so you don’t have to wait for 1 full year before you can withdraw your profit. This implies that you are expecting to earn about 0.0109589% of your bitcoin balance with them every single day.

You say the interest rate is low? Then tell me, how much is the interest rate that your local bank pays you for keeping your money with them?
If you say there are other bitcoin investment providers that offers a higher rate, well that might be true, but I don’t know how genuine those ones are, but I do not that Freebitcoin is genuine because I am using them.

So start earn with

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