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Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Loudest Frog In The Word | Coquí Frog

Have you ever wondered why frog's calls are most times louder than any other animal's call? Well it is because if their call is not loud enough then they can bear children.

How do you mean? you may wonder.
The fact is, frogs use their calls primarily for attracting mates. So if their calls is not loud enough so as to notify a potential mate that they are available, then they will die childless, for mates will not be able to locate them and or even know when they are ready to have children.

Amoung all the frogs, the call from the Coqui Frog stand out as the loudest. For their calls is capable of reaching a peak of 85-100 decibels when they are three feets (that is one meter) away.

The locals of Puerto Rico seems to be used to the calls of the Coqui Frog because the from is a native of their land, but the Hawai locals find Coqui Frog as an invader for they describe their "experience of trying to sleep with the coquí frogs nearby being comparable to a lawnmower running outside their bedroom window all night."1

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