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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Puteved_ The Best Place To Earn Bitcoin Without Investement.

As of now, to me, Puteved is the best place to earn bitcoin from. There are two ways of earning bitcoin from them. First through Puteved Money box and the second is Puteved Wiki.

The Puteved Money Box
Puteved Money Box is a faucet that allows you to claim between 48 - 200K Bitcoin satoshi every 100 minutes. That is every 1hour 40minutes.

The Puteved Wiki
 Puteved Wiki is a article base platform where you write guides for tourists and get paid in bitcoin for doing so when the article get approved.
When your article get approved, you get earn 0.0035BTC and above.

So you see why I say Puteved is the best place to earn Bitcoin without investment for now?

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