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Sunday, October 29, 2017

How to customize the Icon of your USB Drive

USB drive are great devices, for they gives you the freedom to be mobile with your storage device. But when it comes to using the USB drive on your computer, there is irritating problem you are likely to encounter.

That of recognizing the drive icon belong to the USB drive. This problem is especially noticed when you have more than one USB drive attached to your computer at once or even when you have partition your hard drive. For you will not be confuse with the drive G, F, D and the like that will be used to differentiate the drives.

So how then can you easily recognize your USB drive when it is attached to your computer?
The answer is, simply customize the icon of the USB Drive.

How can you do that?

To be able to customize the Icon of your USB drive, all you need to do is to create an image file with the .ico file extension and then save the file in the drive.
Note: save the .ico image file in the USB drive directly not in a folder or sub-folder that is in the USB drive.

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