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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Facebook Notification Now Monitoring Your Interest

I was surprised when I click on my Facebook Notification icon to check for notification and I found out that my notification menu have now been separated into two section, namely: New and Earlier.

Not only that, I also noticed that the arrangement in the New section of the Notification menu is not arranged according, so I went into research to find out why. Then I stumble upon this a post in Facebook Help Center. The post is titled "How do I use notifications on Facebook?"

The post helped me to understand that the New section are recent notifications I "may not have seen yet." And that these notifications are listed by how relevant Facebook think they are to me, so that is the reason why they may appear to be out of order (meaning, a notification from yesterday may appear first while a notification from today may appear second).
While the notifications in the Earlier section are notifications that I've already seen, and they are ordered by when they came in.
But in an event when I do not have any recent notifications, all your notifications may be listed under Earlier.

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