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Monday, October 2, 2017

Discourage Spammer From Commenting On Your Blogpost Blog Post

Is your blogspot blog plagued with spammed comments? Are they from bots or someone who want to spam the comment section of your blog post? Were you forced to turn on comment moderation because of this? Well, there is a better option.

The better option there is to discouraging spammer from commenting on your blogspot blog post is turning on the Word Verification feature of blogspot.
This feature (Word Verification) when turned on ask everyone commenting to enter a short code, popularly known as reCAPTCHA before their comment can be accepted.

Thus when you turn on Word Verification, this means that bot will not be able to comment on your blog post and also it will discourage spammers from commenting since they will have to complete a reCAPTCHA every time they intend to comment.

To activate Word Verification on your blogspot blog, do the following:

  1. In the left section of your blog's dashboard, click Settings.
  2. Select Posts, comments and sharing, when the Settings option expand.
  3. Now, in the right section, scroll down to the Comments section, and in the Show word verification option select Yes.

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