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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Africa for Africa_by Chinedu Ihekwoaba

Affrica can be brought out of dust, this is the hight of this poem by Chinedu Ihekwoaba. So enjoy.

Life is meant to be live,
So work hard, work smart & believe.

Too much talk don’t pay,
Too much complain don’t change.
Get up & work with faith.

Good & bad things happen to everyone,
You are not the only one.

Everyone is wealthy,
But our measures of success in life is only based on money.

Which is very wrong.
‘I just want to be happy’ said John Lennon.

Some are rich in health,
While some are rich in cash to spend.

No one is a better half in marriage,
Both couples are one joining one to be one in language.

Expect nothing back when you help,
It is not business.

We can’t love ourselves equal,
Love & don’t measure.

No one is too rich to be independent,
Even independent needs dependent to make sense.

Together everyone achieves more,
Together everyone acquires all.

We only start a war,
We don’t know the extent it might last long.

Do we really need gun?
Are we animals to hunt?

If you ask me for one wish,
I want to write about my country on Forbes list.

African has got talent,
High time you look beyond our violence.

Most of us were deprived of our boyhood dream,
Hope flew away like the stream.

We give the society what was given to us.
But trust me, we will bring Africa out of dust.

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