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Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Simple Way of Moving Your m-dot Site To A Responsive Site

One of the important of creating a responsive webpage is the fact that you will safe yourself the stress of managing two site. That is, the main site which will be for desktop and also the m-dot site which will be for mobile device.

But if you were running an m-dot site before and have not created a responsive site, then you are faced with the choice of either keep maintaing the m-dot site or to scrap it out completely.

To me, scrapping out you m-dot site after you have created a responsive site is not the best of choice. Rather, I recommend you doing a 301 Redirect server configuration.

The 301 Redirect configuation will ensure that your site users who have bookmark a page in your m-dot site will still have it bookmark working, for what the 301 Redirect does is to automatically redirect all your visitors of your m-dot site to your responsive site.

And there is more benefit of using 301 Redirect, click >>> HERE <<< to learn of the benefits.

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