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Sunday, October 29, 2017

A fascinating Fact About Glo Data Rollover Service.

One of the reason why I don’t feel too bothered when I subscribe to a Glo monthly data plan and I am not able to use it up before the validity period is because of this fact I am about to share with you.

True Glo Nigeria is not the only Internet service provider that offers their user the ability to rollover their unused data of the previous month to the new month, but Glo’s data rollover service is different. This is what I mean.

We know on other ISP for you to be able to use their rollover service, you will either have to activate automatic renewal for the data plan you purchase or you have to manually re-subscribe again the equivalent of your previous subscription before the expiring date and time of your current data plan. But on Glo the story is different.

With Glo data rollover service, you don’t have to manually re-subscribe BEFORE the expiration of the current subscription date and time, you can re-subscribe even AFTER your current subscription have expired and still have your unused data back, provided that you re-subscribe within 72 hours after the expiration, that is 3 days.
More also, when re-subscribing, you do not need to re-subscribe the equivalent of your previous/current subscription, you can subscribe for higher or lower plan and still have those your unused data back, provided that it is till monthly subscription you did and not weekly or daily.

Is not this fact about Glo data rollover service fascinating?...

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