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Saturday, October 21, 2017

5 Benefits of the 301 Redirect

As you may already have known, the 301 Redirect is a server side configuration that direct site visitors to the new version of the page that the visitor want to view, and that is in fact the very first benefit of using the 301 Redirect server side configuration. Because with it, you lose no visitors, and your visitors will not be viewing the old version of the web page when you have a newer one.

The second benefit of the 301 Redirect is that, because this configuration automatically redirect your users to the new page, you do not have to delete the old page. Thus you won't be having any broken links and you won't have to start to edit all other post that linked to the old post/page.

The third advantage is that, successful implementation of the 301 Redirect configuration help the new page to rank better in search engines. For the 301 Redirect not only redirect users, it also redirects search engines when they crawl your site. And when search engines stumble upon a 301 Redirect, it will index the new page, drop the old page and transfer all the ranking point the old page have gained to the new page automatically.
This to me is the most important of all the benefits of using the 301 Redirect configuration.

Search engines are not the only ones who treat 301 Redirect this way. Most website analyzer such as Google Analytics will also transfer all the data gather from the old page and put it for the new page, this in turn implies that managing your website stats will become easier and also maintenance will be simpler for you will not have to do any further work on the old page.

Finally, implementing a 301 Redirect when you have an old and new version of a webpage, will remove the stress that comes from managing separate URLs for all pages, it will also make it much easier to adopt practices and technologies such as hreflang for internationalization, AMP for speed, structured data for advanced search features and more.

What do you think about the 5 benefits of the 301 Redirect server side configuration that I have outlined.

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