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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Why Does Firefox Keep Disabling My Add-ons After Each Restart

Firefox keep disabling add-ons automatically if the file part to Firefox profile contain non-ascii characters.
So what can you do to fix this?

Just update your browser.

This problem was discover in Firefox version 55 by Nao Nakashima. After Nao reported this problem to Mozilla, they made every effort to see that this problem is fixed, and with the release of the version 57 of Firefox, Mozilla announces that the problem have been fixed.

Thus all you need to fix this problem of automatic disabling of add-ons by Firefox browser is just for you to update your browser like I mention earlier.

If you notice any abnormality in the Firefox browser at future time, and you which to report it to Mozilla, just click >>> HERE <<<

To update your Firefox browser, click >>> HERE <<<

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