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Monday, September 4, 2017

Use More Tabs With Less Memory With Google Chrome | OneTab

One of the thing that slow down a browser is when you have too many tabs opened at the same time. Why, because those opened tabs consume the memory of your computer which you would have made the browser faster supposing it is freed up. And Google Chrome browser is faced with this challenge also.

But most, if not all internet users cannot do with just one tab. While writing this post, I have more than 10 tabs opened in my browsers, not because I just like to open tabs, but because I need them and use them simultaneously.
So what can help us to have more tabs opened but with less memory consumption?

OneTab add-on for Google Chrome browser is the key.

With this add-on, all your opened tabs are converted to list, and from there, you can check each link separately rather than have them opened as tabs or saved as bookmarks.

To get the OneTab add-on for your Chrome browser, click >>> HERE <<<

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