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Monday, September 4, 2017


This is a true life story told to me by my elder sister, the sad tale of her friend and roommate who stole their boyfriends back at the institution.
It all began when i was six years old, my uncle could be very charming and nice, coupled with a funny personality, my parent loved him so much and we all couldn’t wait for is next visit any time he leaves, especially me, he always comes with lots of goodies and knows my favourites too.

On that faithful day he came to pay us a visit as usual, which would last the whole weekend then he would leave very early on monday morning, this he does some few times before he fully comes home to spend his holiday, he was in year two at the University then studying Medicine, i also wished to become a Doctor too when i grow up because i heard thats what he was going to be when he graduates.

Uncle Ken was handsome, kind and funny, am always happy when he is around, he takes me out, buys me sweets and biscuits, he even helps me out with my home works and sometimes take me to school, i really love uncle Ken, he was the best.

After the greetings, he lifted me up and then handed over all the goodie he had bought for me, then he told me to seat on his laps which i did hurriedly, i jumped on his laps and digged into the nylon bag he had handed over to me, God uncle Ken really knows what to buy me, reasons why i liked him so much, after taken some of the biscuits i noticed something poking me in my bumbum but couldn’t tell what it was, it felt like uncle ken had a candle stick or something in is pockect, i also noticed he had moved me form sitting on one of his laps to sitting inbetween is laps, he then held me firmly down to his laps but to me he was just trying to protect me from falling, nice uncle ken i said to myself as i unwrap a candy and trew it in my mouth, i even sat upright on his laps so i wont fall but what ever that poked me earlier was now very strong and was deep inbetween my bombom and i felt a little uncomfortable with it.

I believe Uncle ken noticed i wasn’t felling comfortable on his laps anymore then he wisperd into my ear ”do you want me to take back my sweets and biscuits ?” well i was not ready to let go of any of the sweets and biscuits, who in my position would, i had UTC biscuits, Nasco waffers, Sword sweets and Banana chewing gums e.t.c in the nylon, these were kids delights back then so i had to concur and remained on his laps has i continued chewing on the goodies.

Later on that night Uncle ken requested i sleep besides him, he said he has really missed me and would like to be with me all through his stay, well my mum agreed without the knowledge of what uncle ken had been up to since his arrival.

I slept beside my uncle happily and innocently but i alone knew i didn’t sleep that night, uncle ken wouldn’t allow me, he kept on touching me here and there especially in my bombom, his fingers just wouldn’t leave inbetween my legs, he kept stroking it gently, i couldn’t tell him to stop because i was begining to enjoy it, a feeling i couldn’t explain, all i knew was it felt like licking goodie goodie in my heart and i couldn’t tell on him because he was my uncle and i also do not understood what he was doing, only just that i wasn’t comfortable at first but i was later curious to know what it was and why he was doing it.
The next day my parent had a wedding to attend and it was planned i would tag along but due to the fact that i didn’t sleep through out the night i was tired and sleepy, so my mum decided that i stay behind with uncle ken; who had earlier told my dad he wasn’t going with them.

I had my peaceful sleep and i woke up energised with a good dish waiting for me, hmm uncle ken is a spoiler, he had prepared Fried plantain & egg with bournvita filled with lots of peak milk and st. louis sugar in it, he also had craker biscuits waiting for me, oh i couldn’t resist, i devoured it all in a blink, then unlce ken called me to come sit on is laps and relax, i declained but he insisted.

Here i was back on his laps and he didn’t even wait a second before pokking me with that candle stick or what ever he had in his pocket, i started felling uncomfortable again, i told him to stop several times but he wont let me go, this time around he was all over me, licking my lips, cheek, shoulder, chest area until he eventually wet me up with his siliva i was now crying but he didn’t stop but continued, after a while i started having that feeling again, the feeling that felt like i was licking goodie goodie candy in my heart, uncle ken must had sensed i was now relaxed has he raised me up a bit an pulled down my p@nts, i was feeling sleepy, so i didn’t pay much attention anymore, my eye were closed, all i now felt was a thick, stong thing rubbing inbetween my legs around my pissypissy area, it continued until i felt a sharp pain that lead to serious pains, i was seriously crying and begging uncle ken but …
To Be Continued.

As I read this post by Ayanfe Benjamin Akinlaja, I could not help but share it, though it's not yet complete.
Stay turned for I will post the other part(s) whenever Ayanfe makes it available.

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