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Monday, September 4, 2017

Microsoft Word 2016 Auto Paragraphs For Instructors

Have you ever been in a situation where you are teaching your student how to use a feature in the MS Word 2016 program, and you are required to use text but you are having difficulty formulating text that will make up a paragraph?
I have, and Microsoft also thought that this situation can arise.

It is because of this problem that they added auto paragraphs to the features of the Microsoft Word 2016 program.
With this feature, the Word 2016 program will automatically insert well thought-out paragraph into a document so that the instructor will not be forced to formulating texts and paragraph before he can teach his student, rather the instructor will just have to focus on what he want to teach the student.

To use this auto paragraph feature of the Microsoft Word 2016 program, do the following:
  1. Place the Insertion point where you want the paragraph to start from.
  2. Type in =rand() and hit the Enter button in the keyboard.
    Once done, the Word program will automatically insert 5 paragraphs into the document.
  3. If you wish to control the number of paragraphs and sentences that the Word 2016 program should insert, then add the number of Paragraphs and sentences in the brackets, then separate the value with comma.
    For example: if we want two paragraphs with 4 sentences, then the rand command will be =rand(2,4).

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