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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Earn In Bitcoin Even If Your Website Is Not Related To Cryptocurrency

 You will agree with me that the major source of income for website owners is through advertisement. And instead of working with advertiser directly, ad networks such as Google Adsense,, Propeller Ads Media and others has made getting high paying advertisers to place their ads on our site easier.

But what if you no longer want to earn in dollar but now in you want your earnings from ads to be in bitcoin, how can you do that?
The simple answer is, switch to or start using bitcoin advertising network.

But the bad news is, most bitcoin advertising network only accept website that are related to cryptocurrency. So what if your website is not related to it, what will you now do.

After much research on this topic, I have found a bitcoin advertising ad network that pays high and does not require that your website be related to cryptocurrency. This bitcoin advertising network is:

As the name implies, with this bitcoin ad network, you do not need to create a account with them, in order for you to get their ad code that will make you start earning, but I recommend that you do create an account with them. They are paying high, and that is why I am using them.

So if you want to earn in bitcoin from your website that is not related to cryptocurrency, use Anonymous Ads

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