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Monday, August 21, 2017

You Can Keep Track Of Your Google Adsense In-Article Ad Performance

One of the reason why I love Google Adsense is because of its reporting feature. For it give its publishers to look up and track the performance of individual ad unit they create. So with this post, I intend to walk you through how you can keep a tab on your in-article ad unit in your blog or website.

Keeping a tab on your in-article ads is a sure way to know if in-article ads in doing quite well and thus it will aid you in deciding whether or not to switch to the normal display and text ad unit.

So here is the walk-through.
Open the Performance Report page of you Google Adsense account.
You do this by clicking on the Performance reports option in the left navigation bar of your Adsense account.

Next Click on the Filter text input field and click on Ad Units from the menu that will appear.

Finally, check the box the precede the name of all your in-article ad unit and then click the Apply button.
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