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Thursday, August 10, 2017

What is MAC Address?

MAC Address is the abbreviation of media access control address. It is the address of the hardware in your device that enable the device to connect to a network. This hardware is called the Network Interface Card or the Network Interface Controller also referred to as NIC.

As mentioned earlier, NIC is the hardware that makes it possible for your device to connect to a network, thus MAC address serves as an identifier of the hardware NIC.

MAC address is given to the Network Interface Controller (NIC) by the manufacturer of hardware in your device, and it is a string of six set of two-digits or characters that is separated by a colon sign.

A MAC address is determined by the manufacturer of the NIC hardware, that is, the address is hard-coded into the Network Interface Card (NIC) thus, a MAC Address to unique to each device.

The first three set of the two-digits or characters in a MAC address is called Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) this is what is used to identify the manufacturer of the Network Interface Controller (NIC) hardware of a device.

MAC addresses are formed according to the rules of one of three numbering name spaces managed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), these name spaces are MAC-48, EUI-48, and EUI-64.

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