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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What I Have Against Adfly

To me, Adfly is the best url shortening service provider that allows you to earn money using their shortening service. Why? Because they have the best rate as of now.
But I have two things against them.

I don't intend to scar you away from using their service, in fact, I will encourage you to use it if you contemplating it, because I do use. But what I am about to reveal is a fact about Adfly that you probably might have not known, yet they affect your earnings with them. These facts are:

Fact One:
Adfly display ads based on the visitor's location. This means that if the user that clicked on your Adfly link is from a country that Adfly do not yet have advertiser that is targeting that country, then ads will not be served to that visitor, and that to me constitute as a wasted traffic.

Fact Two:
Adfly have a limit as the valid impression count per visitor, or better still, per IP address, and the limit is 5 valid impressions per IP for a 24 hour period.
This means that if a user clicks on 10 different Adfly link of yours within 24 hours, you will be paid for only 5 and not the 10, for to them I guess, they consider the extra clicks as spams.

Apart from these two fact, I don't yet have a problem with Adfly that is why am still using their service, and I also encourage you to use it too.
To start using Adfly, click >>> HERE <<<

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