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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vidoeblocks Free For 7 Days!!!

Vidoeblocks archive contain over 115,000+ video clips, After Effects templates, motion backgrounds & more, all valued at over $10M.
And do you know what, they are giving you access to this voluminous archive of theirs free of charge for 7 whole day!!!

This is no JOKE.
This morning, I receive a mail from about this offer, I did not believe until I head on to the Vidoeblocks website and I got my free seven days access.

The features of the 7 days free access is but not limited to:
  • You will be allowed to download anything you want from any category.
  • Whatever you download remains yours even after the week ends. So you should not be afraid that what you download will self-destruct after the seven days ends.
  • All Vidoeblocks content have a Royalty-Free License badge attached to them. This means that there is no licensing fee for you using their content for personal and or commercial projects.
So what are you waiting for?
Head on to Vidoeblocks and create your own free account to get you 7 days free access.
Remember, this is a promo, and promo do not last forever.

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