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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Don't When Writing A 'Regret' to an Invitation

Have you been in a situation whereby you will not be able to honor an invitation, if you were or are, then you are not alone. But note, do not for any reason ignore an invitation, except of course if you no longer value your relationship with the host. So what are you do?

Put simply, you are required to give a reply to the host probably explaining why you will not be able to attend.
Note: giving a reason why you will not be able to honor the invitation is optional, but if you feel it is necessary because of your relationship with the host, then take not of these don't when making sending your regret to the invitation.

The Don't When Writing A 'Regret' to an Invitation
  1. You should never lie and say you have plans when you actually do not. If you do not want to go to the event, simply say that you are unable to attend.
  2. Never say: "You'd rather be anywhere but there" it is a rude comment, and if am the host receiving such comment in a regret letter, you will never get an invitation from me again.
  3. Don't say, "You didn't come to my party, so why should I go to yours?" Holding a grudge is very unbecoming and rude.
  4. Don't say you don't want to go because someone you dislike will be there. You're an adult. You should be able to handle situations where your least favorite people are present.
  5. Don't say you'll go and later change your mind because a better offer presented itself. Once you commit to being there, you should go unless there is a sickness, death, or another family emergency.
  6. Don't make your attendance contingent on anything superficial, such as what will be served or other guests who will be there. 
More etiquette for Sending Regrets to an Invitation are found >>> HERE <<<

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