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Friday, August 4, 2017

Intro To Adfly Bookmarklet Feature

As you may already have known, Adfly is a url shortener that allows you to earn money from using their url shortening service.
Among the tools Adfly provide to it's publishers so as to make url shortening convenience for them is Bookmarklet.

With this tool or feature of Adfly, publisher can shorten the url of any webpage they are on without having to copy the url and then head to the Adfly website to shorten it. Thus publisher no longer have to keep two tabs open (one for Adfly and the other for through website content) in their browser.

As the name Bookmarklet suggest, this feature when you activate it appears in the bookmark toolbar of your browser, so when you need to shorten the url of the webpage you are on, all you need do is to click on the Bookmarklet icon that is in your browser's bookmark toolbar and the link will be shorten using your default url shortening option of Adfly.

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