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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Get Free Subscription To The Ask Leo! Tip Of The Day

A mail sent to me and possibly all Ask Leo newsletter subscribers on the 29th of August 2017 by Leo Notenboom disclose a trick on how one can get free subscription The Ask Leo! Tip of the Day...

If you don't yet know, The Ask Leo! Tip of the Day service is available to only to user who have subscribe to the Bronze or “BookWorm” level of Ask Leo! patronage, and this subscription will cost you $5 per month, thus what you are about to learn now to me, is very useful.

In the mail I receive, Leo Notenboom said: "What are your favorite tips, speed-ups, shortcuts, and simple things people might not be aware of? What are your favorite "tips" for others regarding your computer, Windows, websites, and technology in general? I would love to share them in The Ask Leo! Tip of the Day" then he adds "If I use your tip in The Ask Leo! Tip of the Day I'll give you a free subscription to it."

So you see, if you want free subscription to The Ask Leo! Tip of the Day service, then all you need to be the first to give Leo a tip you know that is hot that Leo probably don't know of or have not used before.

How do you send your tip to Leo?
Just send the tip as an a e-mail to leo @ askleo . com and Tips! as the subject of the mail.

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