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Monday, August 7, 2017

File Download Precautions

We all love to download things, be it music, videos, games even lightweight and heavyweight software. It is good and encouraged, for file download gives us freedom, save us stress and time.

But with the wake of cyber security, file download can be very dangerous to your online and even offline security and privacy. This is the reason I have put up this guide to help minimize your risk of being infected by virus through file download.

Here are the  precautions.
  • Install a web-based security add-on for your browser. Such add-on will help you can check if the website you are visiting or downloading from, and if the file you are about to download have previously been blacklisted.
  • Watch where you download from. I recommend downloading from only website you trust, or that is worth trusting. Such website include, the website of the producer or manufacturer of the file you are about to download, or the official download portal the manufacturer is using; major shareware site.
  • When downloading a program or software file, e.g. ".EXE" file, never run or install them immediately after downloading them. First of, run an anti-virus scan on the file or the directory in which the file is located to ascertain if it will be safe for you to install or run it.
  • Make sure that the anti-virus scanner's database that you are using to scan a downloaded file is up-to-date. What I mean is, always update your anti-virus.
  • If you still have doubts after your anti-virus have declared a downloaded software file to be virus free, then re-scan your whole computer system after you have install the software.
  • Consider and anti-spyware services as well.
If you can follow through these precautions on a regular basis, the I am 99.9% sure that you be free from cyber security breach as a result of file download.

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