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Monday, August 21, 2017

Creating QR Code With Google URL Shortening Service

The image above is an example to show you want QR code looks like. And as you can see, QR Code are machine readable codes only and thus used as a means of storing information. By the way QR code is the abbreviation for Quick Respond Code.

One of the major use of a QR code is for the saving of URL. That is why must books now, rather than having the website of the publisher printed at the back on the book, they will prefer to use QR Code.

Creating QR Code for url using the url shortening service of Google is quite simple. Just

  1. log onto the Google's url shortening service using this
  2. Then copy and paste the url you want to embed in the QR Code into the Your original url here field, and then click the SHORTEN URL button.
     Note that, to use Google url shortening service, you will need to sign into Google with your Gmail account, else you will be required to solve a recaptcha every time you want to use their service.
  3. Now, click on the Done button in the pop-up containing the shorten url of the one you paste.
  4. Once you have click the Done button, hover your mouse on the url in the table below and click on the More button and in the resulting menu, click QR Code.
  5. Now, when the code is displayed, right-click on it and click on Save Image As... so that you can save the code locally.
    Note that it will be a wise cause on your part to have sign in with your Gmail account because if you do, then you can track the parformance and usage of the code, later.

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