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Monday, August 7, 2017

Can I Check For Virus Before Downloading A File?

I cannot say "Yes, you can check for virus before downloading a file," neither can I say "No, you cannot check for virus before downloading a file." Because the answer is in two ways, that is, it ca be said to be Yes and No at the same time. Let me explain further.

For a newbie who is just starting to get concern about his digital security, it will not be possible for them to check a file for virus before they can download them.
Thus, they will have to first download the file, and then run an anti-virus scan on the file before they can know whether the file is contagious on not.

But for a pro, that can install a web-based security system in their browser. What I mean is that, most anti-virus manufacturer offers web-based security system, that is a plug-in or let say add-ons, that can be added to a browser, this add-on will thus help you to check if the file you are about to download is safe or not.


There is a danger with regard to relying on the web-based security add-ons.
This is because, what the add-ons actually does, is a check a directory that is provided by its manufacturer, to is if the file you are about to download have been blacklisted previously, not that the add-ons will scan the file for virus before it download, that is virtually impossible.

So even though you are using a web-based security system, always scan a file for virus before you run, install or start to use the file.

The Bottom Line
To be actually certain that a file is free from virus or not, the file needs to be in your machine, or in a computer that yours is connected to locally.
Because anti-virus can only scan files that can be accessed locally.

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