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Monday, August 28, 2017

Are Your E-mails Spam?

Of cause not, you might say. I only send what I feel is useful to my recipient, so my e-mails cannot be considered as spam, you might reason.
But is that the criterial for deciding if an e-mail is a spam or not? First let us establish what spam mails are.

The Chambers 21st Century Dictionary defines Spam e-mail as "electronic Junk mail" and going further, it explains Junk as "a worthless, or rejected material."

But my e-mails are not worthless, in fact it took me time to compose those mails, you might argue. The fact is, whether a mail is considered useful by the sender, if the receiver says it not useful to him or her, then that mail is a spam.

But why should you care if the receiver of your e-mails is marking them as spam or not?
Simply put, it is because it becomes more often, that is, if more of your mails are marked as spam, them the email service provider will blacklist your e-mail address, and thus your future mails to the recipient is a risk of not hitting their inbox.
And worst yet, the email service provider might blacklist your e-mail address for all their user. So You Should Care.

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  1. I didn't know about this filter. I think it's important to read sources like this source and your article. So thank you for sharing your knowledge with us


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