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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Dogecoin Faucet Without A Timer!

One of the anonying fact about faucets is that their timers. But it is set in place by the faucet owner so as to prevent users from spamming the faucet, because most of them use a web host that offer them limited bandwidth. So spamming the faucet means less visitors for them.
But there is great news.

I recently discover a faucet that don't mind the spam. Thus, they did not include timer to their faucet. This means that you can make as many claim from the faucet as possible, it all depends on your internet speed, and your speed in solving the captcha (Solve media)

The faucet is:

As of now they pay 20million dogetoshi, that is 0.2 dogecoin. So head on to Dogecollect and earn as much dogecoin as you can.

Remember though that I have mine own dogecoin faucet also known as Pdfaucet.
The claim rate of Pdfaucet as of now is 0.4 - 0.6 dogecoin and there is a 15 minutes timer interval.
Thus while you are claiming from Dogecollect, you can keep a tab opened for Pdfaucet so that you can claim from it after each 15 minutes elapse.

Happy Claiming.

Team +Pinfoltd 



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