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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Your Knowledge About SEO Will Boost Your Portfolio As A Freelancer

It is true that most times, when you are hired as a freelancer writer, the company hiring you is most times looking for engaging content from you, and if you can do that, they will be satisfied. But I truthfully tell you now, it will be added grease to your portfolio if you can actually create a content that is SEO friendly. Why?

How will company be deriving extra traffic from search engines if the engaging you created is not SEO friendly? and without that extra traffic how are they going to gain that extra leads from your engaging content? You see, the answer is obvious.

True, companies employing the service of a freelancer also knows that they will need to boost your content traffic through advertising, but when you are able to give them an engaging, SEO friendly content when they employee your services, it will make them spend less in advertising, and or if they still wish to spend heavily on advertising the content you have created, it will not be because your content driving low traffic from search engine, and if you can achieve them, they will always come back to your service, and better still, they will also help market you by recommend you to other free of charge.

So you see, as a freelancer writer, it is should not just be about creating engaging content for your client -though this is the most important- it is also about creating an SEO friendly content so as to aid them is traffic generation.
Thus, your knowledge about SEO will surely be a boost to your freelancer portfolio.

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