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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What You Might Not Know About The Glo TGIF Data Bundle Plan

Thank Glo It's Friday (TGIF) plan is one of the most used internet data plans of Glo and for good reason. It offers users 3GB worth of browsing data for just 500 naira. That is pretty cool right.
But the uncool part for most people is that the TGIF is a weekend browsing plan. At least that is how they know it to be. But there is good news.

You see, Glo is one mobile network in Nigeria that is very considerate about fellow Nigerians that is why that have made their allocated browsing data big, and they are also considerate about the timeframe that they expect you to use up the data.

Because of this fact, Glo have made the validity period of the TGIF data plan to be seven days, not just Saturday and Sunday, but the plan still remains a weekend plan.

Seven days does not mean seven weekends days. What it means is that, after you subscribe to the TGIF plan and you are unable to use it up that same weekend, Glo will allow you to use the remaining browsing data throughout the weekdays that follows, but only in the night of those weekdays, that is from 12:00am to 5:00am.

This to me is a good news because it means that I will longer have to kill myself over finishing the 3GB in just the two days of the weekend, rather I can relax as I use it for I know that even if I do not finish it that weekend I will still be able to use it throughout the following weekdays, only that I will be ristricted to using it in the night.

What do you think about this fact?

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