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Saturday, July 29, 2017

What Does Anonymous Ads Mean By The Term 'Unique Impression'

From Anonymous Ads point of view, unique impression refers to the first ads impression that is shown to a user as per 24-hours duration. This is an example to further explain it.

There are three ads unit in publisher A website, when a user visit publisher A website for the first time and different ads from the pool of ads in Anonymous Ads server was shown to the user, publisher A website will be counted as the one who as the unique impression.

If that that same use visit publisher B website and Anonymous Ads display to the user that same ads that s/he first saw in Publisher A website, then Publisher B website will be credited with only impression and not Unique Impression because it's website was not the first to show the user the advert for that day.

The first time in a 24-hour period someone is shown a particular advert by Anonymous Ads is when it is counted as a Unique Impression. If that same person is shown the advert subsequent time during that 24-hour period, then those impression will not be considered as Unique Impression.

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