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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Three Bitcoin Faucet I love Using

You know one thing I love about bitcoin is that you do not need to buy it before you can have it. You can mine it but if you do not understand the concept about bitcoin mining, then you can turn to bitcoin faucet as a means to earn real bitcoins.

These bitcoin faucets I am about to reveal to you might not be the highest paying faucet you might have come across but I love using them because they PAY.

FreeBitcoin: FreeBitcoin offer you a chance of winning up to $200 in bitcoin value every hour. Though it is not certain that you can claim $200 in bitcoin value every hour, I love this faucet because of the Lottery and Reward point feature. Click >>> HERE <<< and sign up to see what I mean.

1BitProfit: is one type of faucet I will always encourage people to sign up with. Though it withdrawal fee is kind of high, I love this bitcoin faucet because the amount of satoshi it gives every hour is constant -200 satoshi. Click >>> HERE <<< to learn more.

Mellow Ads: Mellow Ads faucet gives you a minimum of 3,000 satoshi every single day constantly. Though this bitcoin cannot be withdrawn to your wallet, I still love this faucet because I can use the claimed satoshi to advertise my other faucet referral links and I will be sure that my adverts are being shown to real people. Thereby increasing my chances of adding one more person to my referral base.

I encourage you to give one of these faucet in not all, a trial and see for yourselve why I love them.

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