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Friday, July 28, 2017

Every Day or Everyday -Which Should You Use?

The answer depends on what you want to use the word for, because those words are spelled correctly, but they carry different meaning. That is what I intend to explain to you using this post.

Every Day.
This word, or better still, this phrase should be used when you are referring to an event or something that actually happens on a daily basic.
For example: We take our bath on a daily basic, so we can rightly substitute on a daily basic with every day, and we will still be correct.

This word should be used when we are referring to an event that happens often but not necessarily that it happens on a daily basic.
For example: a student might say, "I go to school everyday" but the listener will know that Saturdays and Sunday might not be included in those days that the student goes to school.

Thus the word everyday is used with regard to event that do not happen on a daily basic but it does most of the day, while every day is the one that should be used when referring to an event that actually take place on a daily basic.

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