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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Anonymous Ads Is Neither A CPC nor CPM Bitcoin Advertising Network

Anonymous Ads bitcoin advertising network has become really popular with or 11 million ads been served daily and over 30 thousand click on thos ads, thus Anonymous Ads is really gaining ground.

Currently (that is, as at when I am putting up this post) Anonymous Ads pays it publisher on average 26649 satoshi on each 1,000 unique views and about 1347 satoshi for each clicks, yet they are neither a CPC or CPM base advertising network.

So how do they go about paying their publishers?

The answer is, they share the money that advertiser allocates to an ads campaign among the publisher that the ads showed up on their site or app based on unique impression, and also base on the CTR from a publisher website or app.

This means that publishers with low or no CTR will receive less share of the allocated fees from the advertiser for that campaign.
Thus, Anonymous Ads publishers earn as long as ads shows up in their website or app, but they will earn more from the ads if they have high click through rates (CTR).

To join the Anonymous Ads network whether as a Publisher or Advertiser, click >>> HERE <<<

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