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Friday, July 28, 2017

An Intro To Gmail Offline

Have you heard about Gmail Offline before? Probably not. That is why I decide to put up this post, so as to tell you about it.

Gmail Offline is a Google Chrome web browser app, and as the name implies, this app let you gain access to your gmail account while your are not connected to the internet.

It was launch on the 31st of August 2011, and the concept of the as mentioned about is to give you offline access to your mail while offline. But come to think of it, how is it to give you access to your mails when you are not connected to the internet?
The answer lies in how the app is programmed to work.

After you have install the app to your Chrome web browser, the Gmail Offline app will start to synchronize with gmail sever so that it can get your mails download, it does this without your notice anytime you are connected to the internet and the Chrome browser is running.
So when you are offline, and you open the app, what you will be seeing is the downloaded copies of your m
ails from the gmail server.

When it comes to interacting with the app, I bet that you will love it, because the app interface design is based on the Gmail for tablet -which no tablet user has a complain about, at least to my knowledge.

The Gmail Offline app is not just for view your mails, you can take actions with respect you mails, actions like: Reply, Forward, Archive, Delete and even Compose new mail and send them.

These action, when you initiate them, since you are offline, the app will queue them so that anytime you are connected again, the actions will be processed automatically without you even having to open the app.

If you will love to get the Gmail Offline app for your Chrome browser so that you can enjoy unrestricted access to your Gmail mails, click >>> HERE <<<

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