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Friday, February 3, 2017

Invalid Server Certificate _What Does It Mean.

I was surfing the internet one day when I come across a notification from the browser am using, the notification is titled: “Invalid Server Certificate.” You probably might also come across this notification, if you have not, read on just for you to know what really it is in-case you know of someone or one day you happen to come across it yourself.

So what does the Invalid Server Certificate notification mean? Simply put, it means that your computer cannot verify that website you are trying to visit.
Let me explain further.

When you try to access a secure website (that is a website that used the https protocol), the website web host will present your browser with a Certificate so as to proof the authenticity of the website. The browser will now use a third party service which your device trust (that is the third party service which is provided by the OS of your device) to verify that the Certificate which the web host of the website provide.

When there it is not verified, then the Invalid Server Certificate notification will be displayed.

The purpose of this verification that the web host claim to host the website is truly the web host with the website and not from and attacker of your network, so when you see this notification, it means that your network is under an attack.

But not in all cases. For example, sometime it might appear because the third party which your device is using to verify the Certificate from the web host is out-of-date, so I recommend that you update your device operating system (OS) so as to be sure that the notification is not because your network is under an attack.



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