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Thursday, February 9, 2017

How Big Is The Storage Capacity Of The Internet?

When I was a novice I use to ask the same question too, but now I understand that the question 'how big is the storage capacity of the internet?' is wrong, rather the question should be 'how big is the storage capacity of the server of a website?' Let me explain it better for you.

You see, each website that you access through the internet is stored in a computer, this type of computer is popularly known as a server. So all the information that is found on that website and all the data that you upload to that website is stored in that server of the website and not in the Internet. Thus the storage capacity of a website is determine by the storage capacity of the server the website is using.

So the internet does not have a storage capacity, rather the internet is a wireless network or connection that will enable you to gain access to a website that is store (or Hosted going by computer terminology) in a server.

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