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Monday, February 6, 2017

Your Ads Do Not Compete With Jumia's

Are you a Jumia affiliate marketer? If yes then you should be very interested in what I am about to explain, why? because if effects your revenue. As you may have already known, Jumia uses cookies to register a potential customer as your referral.

For example, if I click on your Jumia affiliate link, a cookie will be stored in my device browser so that even if I do not make the purchase instantly that I come back like 15 days later to make the purchase, Jumia will still pay you the appropriate commission for the purchase I make. This cookies that is stored in my device browser last for 30 days from my current click.

But let us assume that I initially visited the Jumia eCommerce website through your affiliate link, but later, when I decided to make to purchase I use another person's affiliate link to go to the Jumia eCommerce site to complete the purchase.
Jumia policy have it that it is the other person who I use it affiliate link to complete the purchase that the commission will go to even if the 30 days for your tracking cookies to expire have not been completed, why? because Jumia policy has it that the last affiliate cookie has to override the cookie of the first or previous affiliate so that they are not paying to commission to to marketers but one.

 But what if the last promotional link the customer click on happen to be that of the paid advertising of Jumia themselves. Let say, their Facebook ads or Google ads or any other ads but it is Jumia, who will get the commission, will they keep it or will they pay you?

The answer is:
They will pay the commission to you. Why?

Because Jumia policy has it that affiliates are the ones competing with each-other to make a customer complete a purchase through their affiliate link, but they're not competing with Jumia paid marketing channels.
So, for any advertising that Jumia do like Retargeting ads, Facebook paid campaigns, organic campaigns etc., that doesn't affect the cookie at all. Only the affiliate links of other affiliate marketer that affects it.

So like I said, your Jumia promotional ads and links do not compete with that of the Jumia paid ads, rather the Jumia paid ads complement yours and thus encourage your potential customers to make purchase before they might unintentionally clicked on another person's affiliate link.

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